Eva Sherman

SparkleSwap is pleased to introduce our featured ‘Artist of the Month’ for August, 2019:  Eva Sherman.

Eva Sherman began beading as a way to spend time with her daughters but soon became hopelessly addicted. In 2005 she traded in her architectural career for the opportunity to spend all her time among beads, and opened Grand River Bead Studio in Cleveland, Ohio. Eva now happily spends most days in the studio creating, writing and teaching, but has been known to take her show on the road. She has discovered an affinity for working with wire and metals, and prefers to design in an organic and unstructured style. Eva has authored two books on jewelry design: “Organic Wire & Metal Jewelry” and “Cool Copper Cuffs”  

I met Eva last year at the Bead and Button Show in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  This was my first time attending such a show, and having been a beader for many years, I decided to try something new: metalsmithing classes!  Eva’s class was my second class of the week and I was still pretty nervous about this new style of jewelry-making.  Between each step of the class, I was up at the teacher table asking for confirmation that I was doing everything correctly.  Each time, Eva smiled at me and in a most reassuring way, told me not to worry; my bracelet was going to turn out great.  And she was right.  (It was gorgeous, if I don’t mind saying so myself.) Eva is an incredibly talented artist and an equally talented teacher of jewelry-making.  She taught me to relax and enjoy the process, as well as to approach jewelry-making in a playful way: mistakes often can be fixed, and at the end of the day, a real doozy can be turned into a ‘design element’ that makes the piece even more interesting.  Thank you, Eva, for being our first ever SparkleSwap Featured Artist!

SparkleSwap:  Please describe your artistic style and medium?  

Eva:  I am a metal smith who likes to work with non traditional styles and techniques. 

Stone Set Ring
Stix & Stonz Ring

SparkleSwap:  How did you get started in your craft?

Eva:  I began making jewelry with my daughters when they were in junior high.

SparkleSwap:  From where do you draw your inspiration?  

Eva:  Nature, architecture

Road to Ruin Rings
Dirt Road Cuff

SparkleSwap:  What is your favorite tool right now?

Eva:  Rolling mill

SparkleSwap:  What is your favorite place to shop for supplies and why?  

Eva:  Rio Grande jewelry supply, they have everything!

Beach Glass Box Bezel Ring
Fused and Embellished Cuff Bracelets

SparkleSwap:  What trends are you excited about these days?

Eva:  I like the trend towards more organic and free form design. 

SparkleSwap: What are some of your go-to places to learn new techniques?

Eva: I love to take in person classes but when I am researching techniques I watch a lot of you tube videos.

Rocks & Rings Cuff
Art Clay Ring

SparkleSwap: Do you have any tips or recommendations for new and aspiring artists?

Eva: Don’t worry about others opinions, or making mistakes, just do it!

SparkleSwap: What are you working on these days?

Eva: I like to combine techniques; currently I am creating projects that combine traditional fabrication techniques with metal clay.

Faux Eternity Ring

SparkleSwap: How can we contact you if we are interested in purchasing your products or would like additional information?


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