Oh, what fun it is to step into the beading and craft store or walking into the showroom at the bead and gem show. With stars in our eyes, we buy incredible treasures with the best of intentions and our brains bursting with creative ideas. Unfortunately, we often find ourselves with more supplies than we can ever use in a lifetime. One of our philosophies at SparkleSwap is that no good bead should go to waste, and we have the incredible opportunity to allow the beads we don’t want any more to go on to their next purpose; a new home where they will be put to good use. Nonetheless, saying goodbye to our treasures can be difficult. One of our favorite features of SparkleSwap is the ability to share the story of your beads and supplies on the listing page. We believe this helps with the process of letting go, and also lets buyers know that there are purchasing something really special. Of course, it is optional to tell the story of your beads and supplies, but feel free to use this feature and have some fun with it.

Without our sellers, SparkleSwap would not exist and we value your contributions to our community. With that, we want you have a positive experience, so here are some tips to optimize your selling experience on SparkleSwap:

In the Description area, provide as much information as possible about the products you are selling: brand, color, size, shape, quantity, weight, etc. You get the idea.

Be honest about the condition of the items and be as accurate as you can. Include photos of the items for sale.

It is recommended to sell items at a minimum price of $10. This might mean bundling items together, for example, 10 vials of seed beads, a grouping of pink beads, or a set of tools. The reason for this is to make this process worth your while. (The idea of individually mailing single tubes of seed beads… we all have better things to do with our time.)

Pricing: It is recommended to sell your items for much less than you paid for them. Why?

1. This makes us competitive with other retail sites.

2. Some money in your pocket for your idle supplies is better than no money and supplies taking up space in your home. Plus, once you sell those supplies, you get to take the proceeds of your sales and purchase the stuff you really want and need. (Fun!)

We generally suggest you price items at 30-40% of retail price for items that are readily available in the market. Items that are rare or unique, such as one-of-a-kind items, or items that are no longer in production may sell for a higher price. You may need to play with pricing to find your sweet spot.

Shipping: Buyers often are drawn to products and sellers that offer free shipping, however it is completely up to you whether you will offer free shipping or ask the buyer to pay for shipping.

In the Seller Policies section, clearly describe your policies: Do you accept returns? Do you offer free shipping? (Remember, SparkleSwap’s return policy will always supersede your own seller policy, for example, if the item is not as described or is damaged when received, buyer will be entitled to a refund, if requested.)

Once you receive payment for an item, be sure to package the items securely and ship as quickly as possible. Notify the buyer that the items are on their way and for your protection, we strongly suggest you include a tracking number in order to ensure the item is received by the buyer.

SparkleSwap uses StripeConnect to process payments.  Setting up an account is free and easy.  Click here for information about Stripe payment processing fees.