What’s going on at SparkleSwap?

Get together with fellow crafters, see who is going to upcoming events, or showcase something you’ve transformed from your SparkleSwap purchases.  Grab a cup of coffee or tea and join us to meet our featured artist of the month; discover what inspires them, see pictures of their artistic creations, view their workspace and learn some of their favorite tips or tricks.


Let’s Go Shopping!!!

Who's having a great sale right now?  Where should you shop to get the best deals on certain items?  Having trouble finding a product?  Ask other members. This forum is all about finding great products and great prices.

Shows and Conferences

Share the hype, buzz, chatter, and banter about upcoming shows and conferences!

SparkleSwap Showcase

Show us pictures of what you’ve made using your SparkleSwap supplies! Don’t forget to tag your sellers so they can see their unused supplies come to life!

Tips and Techniques

Share your favorite tips with the group. Stuck and need help? Post your question here!

What’s This Tool?

Do you come across a tool or supply in your craft room that you bought years ago, and now you don’t even remember why you bought it or what it’s for?  Send us a picture and we’ll figure it out!